Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Information Portraits: Two Ideas

Idea 1: Instead of Taking a portrait of what is there - do the opposite - only look at those elements that are displaced. The idea was to write some software that would measure this as at a granular level and then blend together the results. I wrote this code in processing and used it to make some self portraits during my experimentation.

My second idea was to have text portraits. This is a mock up of the idea (in short) - I would like to do this with 10 layers of transparency - so that you only see the text at first and then from 1 angle everything comes together magically. So you could read what this person has to say about themselves, and then their own words become a layered portrait.

Next week after the demo week is over, I plan to try some of this by printing onto transparency, but for now I hope this will do.

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